Payment manager project

All businesses are unique and have needs specific to their management method. At fbinfo , we make sure we understand your needs, in order to achieve the perfect project that will save you several hours of management. This saving of time directly correlates to saving money for your business.

The next capsule is a payment manager for a company that rents its premises to professionals .


We have created a video for you demonstrating a ticket and billing manager in Excel. This file can be easily adapted to your needs and personalized for your business. Please feel free to comment on the video if you have any questions.

Advanced Management: Excel as management software

Interaction between excel and Access. How to use Excel to reproduce the functionalities of a complex management system linked to an Access or other database

To-do tracking for employees

Adapted activity management system for a team of a few dozen employees

Project tickets and invoicing

Do you want a system to manage your interventions with customers and to invoice easily? You don’t want to have to retype all the details of your interventions? You don’t want to pay per month for different systems existing on the market? Here is an example of what is possible with Excel

Protect your excels files and manage expiration

Want an easy way to prevent copying of some files you’ve made? Want to entice or force the user to contact you after a certain amount of time? Here is an example of what we can do in a very short time.